The main services provided by SDCL include the following and there will be room for expansion in the future.

  • Digital high-speed internet access based on its LTE networks that is always reliable and affordable to different levels of customer usage.
  • Data Services based on affordable data plans targeting both residential and the business community.
  • Data Storage (Storage as a Service, SaaS) and customers backup storage via our high-speed data link.
  • Web hosting and web design. Clients will be placed in a single or several websites server in our facility and pay for the computer resources such as core of CPUs, size of memories and space of disk that they need to operate their site
  • Virtual Server Service (Platform as a Service, PaaS) for clients seeking a complete Windows or Linux server without having hardware and OS license cost together with highest stability to the Internet connection. System run time will be dramatically increased compared to host by themselves with lowest possible running cost. Large amount of CAPEX converted to OPEX.
  • Co-location customers provide the hardware themselves and administer their own site or sites via internet.
  • Security as a Service (SECaaS), customers can implement FortiGate Firewall without purchase and maintain annual cost but they can organize firewall rules by themselves that running SDCL FortiGate hardware. This will cut CAPEX and smaller amount add to their OPEX. (This can be arrange within a large size building where multiple tenants connect to SDCL-ISP)

When hosting, a dedicated server client are secured, orders will be processed immediately after the initial consultation and the customer can be up and running as soon as possible. We create solutions for our customers based on their business and technical requirements, modifying these solutions as our customers' needs evolve. Unlike many other ISPs that outsource their technical support to independent call centres’, our highly reliable services are supported by our knowledgeable and responsive network experts, some of whom are the same professionals that implemented our network. Our primary services include dedicated Internet access, co-location services, and managed Server hosting. We also offer web hosting.

View SDCL Terms and Conditionsfor our Internet Plans.