The SDCL Company was founded with a vision to build a home-grown ISP that will provide:
  • Low-cost prices and deliver affordable, reliable, and fast accessible service.
  • A network using the latest technology with the industry’s largest cell radius and best service quality.
  • Broadband wireless internet services utilising state-of-the-art technology creating the highest quality solutions available today.
Samoa Digital Communications Company Limited (SDCL) is the parent company of 4 subsidiary companies: sdct – sdc telco, sdcm – sdc media, sdcd – sdc data, sdcn – infrastructure and networking.
SDCL established a name for itself when it was granted the license to build and maintain the platform for Digital Terrestrial TV Platform. The digital platform was the first in Samoa.  It uses the latest DVB T2 technology which now hosts 7 television channels.  Digital radio will follow shortly. The Digital TV Platform has reached a 99.9% geographical coverage which is a first in Samoa’s history.